"Immigrants Have Varying Views on the Path to Citizenship" City Limits, New York, N.Y. | Feb. 24, 2016

You wouldn't know it from listening to the discussion of immigration policy on the presidential campaign trail, but for immigrants with permanent residency, getting citizenship is not easy, not cheap and not a no-brainer.

"City Groups Battle Scams That Take Advantage of Immigrants’ Fears Under Trump"City Limits, New York, N.Y. | July 20, 2017

For nearly all of 2015, Tony Nieves, a Bronx resident, pretended he was a high ranking United States Immigration and Customs Services agent, the last to sign off on deportations and capable of protecting people by offering them legal advice. He told them he had to collect thousands in legal fees to help. In all, he defrauded immigrants in the Greater New York City area of at least $15,000, according to court documents.

"Uninsured" | Columbia Journalism School | October 2015

A look at the health care options available to undocumented immigrants living in NYC, and the challenges with setting policy.

"From one end of the 7 line to the other, two worlds of immigration" | Columbia Journalism School | October 2015

A portrait of immigration in NYC on a Sunday morning.

Business Reporting

"Mantra of Betterment" The Pendulum, N.C. | Oct. 6, 2010 [link is to a PDF, as the paper's archives are unavailable online.]

A comprehensive look at Elon University's rapid development in the twenty-first century, growing from a small college to a major university within 10 years.


"This Comedian in a Wheelchair Kept Crowds in Stitches…Until a Lack of Health Care Sidelined Her" | | Sep. 13, 2017

Ally Bruener used comedy to express what it's like to live with muscular dystrophy. But now she spends all her time battling Medicaid just to take care of her basic needs.

"Kenny Freeman: musician, mechanic" | The Pilot, N.C. | July 16, 2010 [publication link here]

An interview with a local musician who recorded country music out of his converted U-Haul/studio.

"Student and Teacher: Jordanian Man Gains Education, Friendship in the Sandhills" | The Pilot, N.C. | Aug. 29, 2010

A story of a local man who befriends an immigrant car mechanic in small-town North Carolina, then helps him learn English and earn his GED.



Past Reporting Experience

Between 2009 and 2012, I wrote for multiple newspapers -- all of which have now either added paywalls or changed systems and lost their archives, which limits the samples I can include above. I wrote for Elon University's student newspaper, The Pendulum, for two years, logging more than 100 stories in that time. I wrote for The Pilot in Southern Pines, N.C. and The Times Record in Brunswick, Maine. I contributed regularly for a full year to The Greensboro News & Record, and ran the news program at WSOE, the Elon University radio station.

During that time I covered a Navy base closure, a lawsuit regarding excessive Tazing by police in North Carolina, an environmental movement to stem the spreading of sewage sludge, the disappearance and rescue operations for a professor's daughter, an animal shelter on the verge of being shut down by the state for numerous violations, the economic woes facing golf courses during the financial crisis in 2010. I also covered light-hearted things, like a Whoopie Pie-making contest in Maine (links to the restaurant, as the newspaper has a paywall).